Frequently Asked Questions

The Takker is an ingeniously simple device that easily dispenses pre-loaded Takks into your wall or other chosen surface. Once the Takk is in place, it can be used to hang pictures, mirrors, clocks etc. In fact, anything up to 10kgs/22lbs in weight. It is particularly useful for temporary hangings/displays as the Takks can be easily removed leaving a barely visible 1mm hole.

We are currently developing a range of Takker accessories, the first of which to be available are the Takker Hooks. These fit securely over the Takk and can be used to hang many more items.

No, Takker comes pre-loaded with 12 Takks and you do not require any further tools. So no more hammers, nails, drills or screws.

The list is endless. Use Takker to safely dispense a Takk into your surface. Attach a Takker Hook, if required.

Use in the home to hang:

  • Pictures
  • Mirrors
  • Photos
  • Canvasses
  • Decorations
  • Keys
  • Clocks
  • Calendars
  • Oven gloves/aprons
  • Keys
  • Coats/Clothes

Use in the shed or garden to hang:

  • Hand tools
  • Rakes and other tools up to 10kgs
  • Strimmers
  • Seed organisers
  • Bird feeders
  • Lanterns and lights
  • Wind chimes and other decorations

Use in the office to hang:

  • Memo boards
  • Certificates
  • Clocks
  • Wall planners
  • Calenders

Step1: Hold Takker firmly against the surface.

Step2: Pull out the red plunger to load a Takk.

Step3: Push in the plunger until it touches the Takker. Ensure the Takk is fully inserted into your wall or surface. If not fully inserted, repeat this step but do not pull the plunger out so far that it re-engages a Takk as this may jam the Takker.

Step4: Your Takk is now ready for hanging or for attaching a Takker Hook, if desired.

For more detail about how to use a takker CLICK HERE

Easy - just twist and remove the spring loaded clip on the end of the Takker and insert the Takks. Use the clip to push the Takks into place and re-insert the clip into the Takker.

Again, this is easy. On the side of your Takker you will see a catch. Attach the Takker onto the Takk with the catch. Hold firmly and lift the plunger end away from the wall. The Takk will come out of the wall easily leaving a 1mm hole.

If you follow the instructions and carefully remove the Takk, all that will be left behind is a 1mm hole.

Takker is suitable for plaster, plasterboard, wood, fencing, trellising and aerated concrete block.

Takker is not suitable for exposed brick, exposed concrete block or plaster with a high cement content.

No, Takker Hooks have been developed specifically to fit over a Takk and cannot be used in any other way.

Yes, Takker Takks and Hooks have been developed to use inside and out. For this reason, Takker has proven very popular with gardeners.

You can buy Takker direct from the manufacturer online in our Takker Shop or through It is also available to buy from Woodies stores throughout Ireland and the Woodies website.

No problem. Just watch the support 'How To Unjam Takker' video below for step by step instructions.

To avoid jamming the Takker, be careful not to reload a second Takk (this happens when the red plunger is pulled out so far that you hear a click).

We are confident that you will be happy with your purchase. However, if you are not 100% happy and you have purchased it direct from our website, return it to us within 30 days for a full refund, minus any postage costs you occurred.

Please contact for a returns number and for full returns instructions.

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Alternatively you can also purchase Takker products from

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