How to use Hardwall Takker

Takker and Takker accessories have been designed with simplicity in mind. Follow these guides to enjoy easy, instant picture hanging and general wall hanging with your Takker for years to come.
  • Mark your chosen position on the wall. Next, position the Hardwall Takker drill bit on the mark for drilling the hole (Fig.1). Hold the Hardwall Takker in one hand and push it firmly against the wall. Preferably the Takker should be positioned at shoulder height to provide maximum stability. With your other hand, simply turn the drilling handle clockwise while applying firm pressure. Continue turning the handle firmly until the red floating base compresses until it touches the grey coloured body of the Hardwall Takker (Fig.2). When this happens you know you have drilled exactly the right depth of hole for the Hardwall Takk.

  • Empty the debris from the dust collector inthe red floating base of the Hardwall Takker (Fig.3). Take a Hardwall Takk stored in the red lid on the handle (Fig.4) and place into the Takk inserter found on the side of the Hardwall Takker. Align the Hardwall Takk with the hole and push firmly. You are now ready to attach the hook accessory and hang your object.

  • You are now ready to hang your picture. Youcan attach a Takker picture hook, canvas hook or hang directly onto the Hardwall Takk. You can also use the Takker small and medium Multi-Purpose Hooks for other uses around the home and garden. It can hang up to 12kgs/27lbs.

How to Replace the Drill Bit

  • Hold the Hardwall Takker in one hand and compress the floating base to reveal the drill bit. Using a pair of pliars, grip the end of the drill bit and lever upwards against the Hardwall Takker to release the drill bit and then pull upwards to remove. Dispose of the used drill bit responsibly.

  • Insert the new drill bit by sliding the flat end of the drill bit into the hole at the bottom of the floating base. Push up and twist until it locates into the housing. To ensure it is fully located place the Hardwall Takker upright against a hard surface and push down until the drill bit tip is level with the floating base when fully extended.

  • You are now ready for your next hanging task.

Positioning a Takk

Using a pencil, make a small cross on the wall where you want the Hardwall Takk to be inserted. hold the Hardwall Takker in both hands and compress the base with your fingers to expose the drill bit.

Align the tip of the drill bit with the cross mark and slowly release the base.

How to Remove a Takk

  1. Attach your Hardwall Takker onto the Hardwall Takk (see photo).

  2. Hold the Hardwall Takker firmly and push down to lever the Hardwall Takk out of the wall.

  3. The small 3mm hole can easily be filled with any general purpose repair filler.

Hardwall Takker Do's and Don'ts

  1. DO read through all the instructions ion this page carefully to get the most out of your Hardwall Takker

  2. DO practice drilling a few holes into hard surfaces before your first hanging job. Ensure the Hardwall Takk is fully inserted into the surface and is secure before use. If for any reason the Hardwall Takk cannot be fully inserted into the hole with the Takk head flush against the wall surface then do not use for hanging objects.

  3. ONLY use the Hardwall Takker with Takker hanging accessories.

  4. If you require product support, DO email us at

Hardwall Takker Uses

Use Takker for hanging items in the home, garden and workplace.

Suitable for Pictures and Canvas prints, Mirrors and Clocks, Cards and Decorations, Memo Boards, Kitchen Utensils, Bathroom Accessories, Hanging Plant Pots and Objects on outside walls.