Picture Hooks

Takker Picture Hooks are suitable for hanging pictures up to 10kgs/22lbs. They are designed to fit easily over a Takk to enable easy, instant no nails picture hanging.

Takker picture hooks can be used with picture hanging hardware such as picture hanging wire/cord, D ring loops or hanging triangles.

  • Pack of 8 Brass Plated Picture Hooks
  • Each Hook holds up to 8kgs/17.6lbs using Takker Takks
  • Each Hook holds up to 10kgs/22lbs using Hardwall Takker Takks
  • Full user instructions on pack
  • Suitable for use with picture hanging wire/cord, D ring loops or hanging triangles
  • Suitable for use with Takker and Hardwall Takker Takks
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Customer Reviews

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Chris Day

Very versatile and easy to use.
I have used it on various surfaces inclluding tiles.
A lot easier to use than conventional picture hooks.
Bought a set for my son and he also thinks its good.
However, he has one negative. He currently rents a hundred year old 2 up 2 down property and the plaster in the walls is quite thick and old, rather than a thin shim like on newer properties. So it is more prone to cracking a large area of plaster as it doesnt penetrate the wall surface and all the weight is on the old plaster.
So beware when using in older properties and make sure you know you surface.

Thank you for your review, and we appreciate your comment regarding older properties - you are absolutely right, the wall does need to be sound, older properties can have blown plaster - common with age, which can cause the cracking described, as mentioned do check the wall carefully by knocking upon it and hearing a solid sound avoiding any hollow sounds.

S p oneill
Brilliant product

This is a fabulous item. Previously I had ask my son to come and drill and plug holes to hang pictures in my Edwardian home. With this I can do it myself in seconds. Delighted and would highly recommend.

Yes yes yes! Takker allows everyone to hang items around their home without relying on others or figuring out drills, or banging hammers - so pleased we were able to help you and thank you for recommending us!