Takker Hardwall Refill Pack of 32

This refill pack includes 24 x Hardwall Refills and 8 x Takker Picture Hooks.

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  • HANG UP EVERYTHING IS A SECOND – Hanging your picture on the wall securely so it doesn't fall can be frustrating if you don’t have the right tool that is why we have designed this all-in-one wall hanging kit that is perfect for any situation. This handy refill pack is compatible with the Hardwall Takker.
    This refill pack includes 24 x Hardwall Refills and 8 x Takker Picture Hooks.
  • SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE – It’s impossible to do it wrong because you’ll hang every picture right THE FIRST TIME YOU TRY IT! Our lightweight manual drill requires no batteries or recharging and hand drills a small wide hole deep into any hard surface like brick concrete block mortar plaster wood and ceramic tiles exactly at 90 degrees.
  • NO MORE MESS – Why use electric drills screwdrivers screws wall plugs and hammers that are making a lot of damage to your wall when now you can hang your favourite pictures exactly where you want without making any mess around thanks to this easy frame hanger machine that collects dust debris and saves time cleaning.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE WALL KIT HANGING SOLUTION – Fast and easy way to hand your pictures frames mirrors clocks plates or even you can use it for hanging switch sockets on the wall. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH TAKKER HARDWALL MULTI-PURPOSE HANGING TOOL – It doesn’t matter how bad you are at DIY because Takker is the most universal all-in-one hanging tool on the market that will help you to hang your wall art with only one tool so anyone can use it. These hooks offer an easy way to hang your pictures. No need for nails or screws. Simple easy and damage-free hanging.

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely brilliant.

Christine Rawlings

I was disappointed with my purchase as the takker was advertised with a red push button, but the takker I received as a wind up handle which I find difficult to use, as I have arthritis so to hold it in place and wind is painful and difficult.

Hello, we have two versions our original takker (red push button) which will go into plasterboard and wood and our HARDWALL takker which will hang onto brick and other harder surfaces


Best thing ever

Thank you so much! Nothing is better than hearing customers think our product is the BEST

Penny Harvey
wanted one of these years ago!

Well, I was dubious, but as I have extremely hard walls which are a nightmare to put anything on I decided to give it a try. It's amazing! Pictures been on the walls since the day it arrived and still there. Have moved them around - up/down/different sizes and weights - and still there. I keep looking for things to put up! Brilliant piece of kit.

we love this review, thank you so much for taking the time to write it and we're delighted that you love your TAKKER and are making the most of it!

Christine Hobson

My tackker means I no longer have to wait for my husband to get the drill out to put pictures and ornaments up ( only been waiting since last august!)
It arrived and within the hour I had put a picture up and a ceramic Cegal.
My husband loves it too 🤣

Your story is like many we hear, when you're relying on someone else to do something it can take a while - delighted we've empowered you to do it yourself!