Takker Refill Pack of 16

Compatible with Takker Picture Hanging Tool - for Pictures Canvas Prints Clocks Cards Decorations Utensils and Tools

  • HANG UP EVERYTHING IS A SECOND – Hanging your picture on the wall securely so it doesn't fall can be frustrating if you don’t have the right tool that is why we have designed this all-in-one wall hanging kit that is perfect for any situation. This handy refill pack is compatible with the Takker Picture Hanging Tool. This refill pack includes 8 x Takker Picture Hooks and 8 x Takker Canvas Print Hangers.
  • SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE – It’s impossible to do it wrong because you’ll hang every picture right THE FIRST TIME YOU TRY IT! Our lightweight manual tool requires no batteries or recharging and hand creates a small 1mm wide into a surface like plaster plasterboard and wood exactly at 90 degrees.
  • NO MORE DAMAGED WALLS & FINGERS – Why use electric drills screwdrivers screws wall plugs and hammers that are making a lot of damage to your wall when now you can hang your favourite pictures exactly where you want without making any mess around thanks to this easy frame hanger machine and saves time cleaning.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE WALL TOOL HANGING SOLUTION - Fast and easy way to hand your pictures frames mirrors clocks plates or even you can use it for hanging switch sockets on the wall kitchen and bathroom accessories that are up to 8kgs/17.6lbs.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH TAKKER HANGING TOOL – It doesn’t matter how bad you are at DIY because Takker Picture Hanging Tool is the most universal all-in-one hang tool on the market that will help you to hang your wall art with only one tool so anyone can use it.
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Takker Refill Pack - 8x Takker Picture Hooks and 8x Takker Canvas Print Hangers.

Suitable Indoors And Outdoors.

Are you tired of electric drills, screwdrivers, screws, wall plugs, and hammers that are always making a mess and damage to your walls? Need something simple and unique tool that will help you to hang your favourite pictures and accessories in a second without trying hundreds of times? If your answer is YES, then STOP SEARCHING because with Takker you’ll get picture-perfect results every time you use it.

Why Takker is a MUST HAVE

Can be Used by Anyone – Deciding to simply drill a quick hole in the wall is never a good idea. But not anymore because now it doesn’t matter how bad you are at DIY, you can hang your pictures like a professional. Is so simple and easy to use. It’s unbelievable how one tiny tool can help you hang some heavy frames and a lot of pictures.

Hang Everything in a Second - You can now hang household items quickly onto ANY hard wall material like brick, concrete block, mortar, plaster, wood and ceramic tiles.

Multi-Purpose Hanging Kit - If you're an artist and need to make your own gallery without making endless holes in your walls, this is the right hanging tool. It’s a small hand powered device for hanging pictures, mirrors, accessories, and more.

Safety - Takker will not drill into electric cables or water pipes.